Rivergate offers a range of land uses providing mixed use commercial, industrial, institutional, residential and related land uses.

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Rivergate is located east of the Atlantis railway line and straddles Sandown Road close to its intersection with Malibongwe Boulevard (M12), which in turn will give Rivergate direct access to the N7, the N1, greater Cape Town, and in particular, to Cape Town international airport.

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Dave Macleod-Elliott – Spokesperson for the development

In the design layout of both Rivergate Business Park and the Pegasus Park Security Enclaves, the town planners identified centrally located nodes in each of the parks – for the development as a public open (green) space.

One of the benefits of such spaces was that staff from the surrounding businesses could use these spaces during their lunch break and enjoy a meal here.

The open space areas provide the opportunity for a food vendor to position themselves here, on a hard landscaped surface, providing an outlet for the vendor and a convenience for local employees. Soft landscaping and benches are provided to the parks.

These facilities have appropriately been named ‘lunch-boxes.” The township developers have now completed the landscaping to these facilities.

Nowadays, more emphasis is placed on business parks being designed to be environmentally sustainable and develop social health and lifestyle. Besides many ecological and environmental services, business parks provide significant social and spiritual benefits to human societies.

What are the positive environmental impacts and health benefits of small parks and green spaces?

Parks are emerging as important public health solutions in urban communities. Research evidence confirms that nearby nature, including parks, urban forest and green spaces, support health and wellness. Further they offer suitable spaces for physical activity, stimulating recreational walking and therefore reducing sedentary time (sitting a lot).

Improved General Mood and Attitude – investigators have found evidence of lower frustration and increased brain activity, resembling meditation, when moving in green space versus being in retail and commercial areas that have no trees and green spaces.

Stress Reduction – the experience of nature is one antidote to stress, and the body’s positive response is remarkably fast, occurring within minutes. Studies by environmental psychologists show that visual exposure to nature, in the form of trees, grass and flowers, can effectively reduce stress, particularly if initial stress levels are high.

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